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Creosote Treated Wood

Gulf Coast Treated is a nationally recognized manufacturer of creosote treated wood. We pride ourselves on producing quality products that can accommodate the needs of any building project. Our expert staff offer professional consultation on the application of any of our creosote treated wood products.

What is creosote treated wood?

Wood products pressure treated with creosote have long been used to build America’s physical infrastructure. The creosote in the wood protects it from infestation and decay, drastically improving its durability and usefulness. Creosote treated wood products are commonly used for well recognized items such as railroad ties, bridge timbers, utility poles, and marine and foundation pilings.

Why choose creosote treated wood?

The most significant advantage to creosote treated wood is its cost. Alternatives to treated wood products include steel, concrete, or plastic. Creosote treated wood products are much more economical for most projects. Other advantages include:

  • Resistant to decay and heavy use
  • Suitable for aquatic and marine environments
  • Long-lasting, from 20 to 75 years depending on specific use
  • Made of a renewable energy source
  • Manufactured in the U.S.

For information about how we can help you use creosote treated wood in your project, please contact us to discuss your specific needs. Call (337) 367-3437 or email us!